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Minnesota staffing and recruiting companies match thousands of people to thousands of jobs….every day!  We offer a wide variety of job seekers a path to permanent employment as well as job flexibility.  Much more than a stopgap labor source, the staffing and recruiting industry provides businesses across Minnesota an educated, seasoned pool of talent.

Average Number of temporary workers each week
272,529 Annual Staffing Employment
$36,397 Average annual earnings per job
Average Number of temporary workers each week

272,529 Workers

Staffing Firms Employed 272,529 Workers in Minnesota
U.S. temporary help services companies assign millions of people to millions of jobs every business day.

Minnesota Temporary Help Worker Profile


Female 44%
Male 56%


45-64 31%
54-44 50%
19-24 19%
  • 3.2 MILLION

    Average number of temporary workers each week

  • 11 weeks

    Average tenure

  • $35,569

    Average annual earnings per job

  • 11,000

    Temporary and contract staffing firms nationwide

  • 15.6 MILLION

    Annual staffing employment


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